North Carolina Specialty Crop Production

We offer alternative specialty crops that may be suitable for small and large scale farming. PhytoLeads has developed several medicinal plants as an alternate crop for the diminishing NC tobacco crops. The introduction of these new specialty crops has provided alternative income benefit to former tobacco farmers.

Forskolin and Coleus Extract

PhytoLeads has identified another plant source that produces high levels of active constituent forskolin. Specifically, a plant grown natively in North Carolina that produces 3 times the biomass and 2 times the forskolin than the plants grown in India. A patent that covers the germplasm and the agronomy practices has been published.

Cosmetic Ingredients

We offer many useful cosmetic ingredients that have applications such as anti-cellulite, anti-aging-antioxidants, anti-wrinkle through the Induction of adipogenesis, skin lightening, natural tanning, and inflammation-inhibition of NO.

Natural Preservatives

Potent, IP-protected antioxidants and antimicrobials with impressive safety record.

Dietary Supplements

IP-protected ingredients that cover weight management, joint health, cardiovascular support, blood sugar control, antioxidant protection, detoxification, eye health, digestive health.

Natural Colors

PhytoLeads ™ natural colors were developed based on the GRAS and human use history and are considered foods. They are also not derived from huito, spirulina, gardenia, and chlorophyll based options.

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