Agronomy Services

Identify the seed/germplasm sources

PhytoPharmacon (PPI) has established a national network for identifying and sourcing the seed or germplasms for different plant species. Germinate the seeds in our Greenhouse and raise the seedling to certain stage.

Greenhouse cultivation

PPI has state of the art greenhouses and know how to improve the germination, enhancing the rooting and identifying the proper nutrition through its network with local Agricultural extension Services. These collaborations are very critical when introducing new specialty crops. PPI will use several techniques developed in-house to establish the seedlings in good standing on time.

Cultivation in the fields

The seedlings grown in greenhouse will be transferred to field and follow all agronomical practices such as irrigation, tilling, etc. Irrigation should be given as and when required during growth period to avoid any water stress. Sprinklers may be used if available for irrigation purpose.

Harvesting, Drying and Milling

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