Natural Product Library

We have one of the largest natural product library/repository in the U.S. Our library has over 30,000 plant-derived extracts and compounds collected from GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and ethno-botanical based plants from the U.S. In several cases, our phytochemicals and phytoextracts have been empirically shown to be more potent than their conventionally-used synthetic rivals. We offer a fee-based access to our entire catalog and can re-supply towards commercialization.

Inventory from freezer directly to you in 72 hours or less!

  • PhytoPharmacon has created unique natural product libraries of 4,000 Plant Extracts (from 4000 different plant species)
  • Converted 2,500 extracts into 25,000 semi-purified phytochemicals
  • Isolated about 500 pure compounds (based on assay-guided fractonation and purification)

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Catalog # Title of the Library Number Quantity / Well Back-up Quantity
PPI 1020 Rare Isolated Compounds Based on assay-guided fractionation 500 0.1 - 1.0 mg 10 - 1000 mg
PPI 1030 Highly Enriched Phytochemicals 25,000 0.1 - 1.0 mg 10 - 10 mg
PPI 1040 Plant Extracts (Refined) 4,000 1.0 mg 5 - 10 mg
All these THREE groups of libraries are available immediately